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Majella ODonnell

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Married to Daniel O'Donnell

Siobhan and Michael

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  Majella O'Donnell Biography  >> Click for larger image Ever since her early schoolgirl years, like so many others, Majella harboured dreams of taking her undeniable talent into a recording studio, 'put on the headphones, sing away to her heart's content' and release her very own album. Unbelievably, at the age of 46, that dream has now become a reality, and as such, Majella is proving once and for all that you should never give up on your dreams. After all, if you've got talent, belief, and maybe even a little bit of luck, you never know what could happen. The Majella O'Donnell story so far, is no exception.

Born in Thurles, Country Tipperary Majella had a 'great childhood, very carefree, with no worries or troubles'. One of four children born to Thomas and Marion Roche, Majella first fell in love with the joys of performance at a very early age. At the all girl's school she attended they were putting on a production of 'Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat', where Majella played the role of Joseph, 'and loved every minute of it', as she wowed her proud and delighted parents in the audience. She followed this up by playing the role of Mary Magdaline in a local amateur dramatic society production of Jesus Christ Superstar and it seemed that a career entertaining the masses was almost inevitable. However, as the years went by that break never materialised and the possibility of singing professionally in any way faded into the background. Majella O'Donnell Biography  >> Click for larger image However, life changed dramatically when Majella met Daniel O'Donnell at her parents restaurant in Tenerife. The two fell in love and like all storybook romances they were eventually married in November 2002. Music and singing once again started to play a major part in her life, although even after marrying Daniel, the wonderful singing voice that Majella possessed would go unrecognised for a while. Fate, however, was smiling on her somewhere because quite suddenly things turned around.

From time to time Daniel would ask Majella to sing with him, mainly at some of the various charity functions that the pair are involved with. However, in 2005, whilst in the middle of his residency at the legendary Tri-Lakes theatre in Branson, Daniel asked Majella up on stage to sing a version of 'Your Cheatin' Heart' (originally by Hank Williams). After the show Kevin Sheerin, who plays in Daniel's band, commented off the cuff to Majella about what a good job she had done and that she should record it. Daniel heard this and said 'Well, why don't you produce an album for her Kevin?', and the rest as they say is now history. Majella O'Donnell Biography  >> Click for larger image Before Majella had time to breathe, 'the album had been recorded, the photo shoot had been done, the album sleeve finalised' and the long lost dream of a carefree Irish girl from Thurles had finally been realised. Majella still finds it 'truly unbelievable', though apparently her children seem remarkably unimpressed - as Majella says with her typical down to earth take on life, 'it seems very hard to impress teenagers these days!!'.

No matter, as the delightful collection of tracks featured on 'At Last', such as 'Walkin' After Midnight', Sweet Dreams ,'Will Ye Go Lassie, Go' and two delightful Daniel duets prove that good talent can come out, and that it's never too late to delight the fans. Majella has arrived and at last there is the possibility to leave her very own musical imprint on the UK and Ireland, just like Daniel before her.